About Us

In the 5 years since our birth Stage & Lighting has grown from strength to strength and is now one of the leading event hire and production companies operating in Ireland. Our team of qualified professionals, deal with your event staging requirements from concept, detailed design, construction right through to operation on the day. It is our beginning to end support philosophy which makes us stand out in this industry.

Why Choose our Event Production Company?

So you’re running an event? a conference? or perhaps a concert? you want it to be absolutely brilliant, you have made meticulous plans to ensure all of the elements come together for a flawless juncture. Whether you are an event planner or somebody who has just been appointed to assure that what you plan is flawless. But putting all the moving parts in place can be a daunting task especially when there are so many options of audio equipment and lighting equipment available with no real description of what they are built for. It can be very stressful and thats completely understandable. Theres alot of “moving parts”. You really shouldnt worry, We specialise in event production, Our staff have a wide range of experience in different event types so you can guarantee that you will receive quality advise, expertise and competitive pricing to provide exactly what is required and will perform just as planned (or exceed your expectations)

Mission Statement

We strive to be the absolute best event production company partner, Working with all of our clients from the very beginning until the very end of every project.Our beginning to end philosophy encompasses so many other elements which we strive to deliver and improve on daily. We will provide a customer service like no other, We want our customers experiences to be a happy one. We will work with all of clients to brilliantly implement their ambitious ideas.

We're Budget Conscious

We provide you with a staging solution to match your needs and budget.  Through careful planning, design and delivery scheduling you can be sure we are as cost concious as you are. As a wiseman once said “I care more for the person who is more stringent with my money than I am”

We're dedicated to Safety

As a leading Production Company we place a strong emphasis on Health and Safety throughout by making sure we have more than adequate insurance on our equipment, our team and the public. Be safe in the knowledge that your are in the best hands for your staging requirements.

We provide all of our Certifications

All staging equipment comes complete with its own certification, and meets with all safety requirements throughout Europe and the rest of the world


Some of our clients

We have worked with some very popular house hold name companies, Some of Irelands largest corporations and lots of well known festivals. Our customer base ranges from little to large. No matter whom you are, You can guarantee a great service on time and on budget.

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Years of Experience

Successful Projects

Happy Clients

Awards Won

Specialisation & services

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Why work with us

5 years on the market

Even though our company is now functioning 5 years, Our staffs combined experience exceeds that entirely. Our staff all come from a wide background of industries and expertise. Designers, Lighting engineers, audio engineers, carpenters, mechanical engineers, riggers and event coordinators. We have the expertise and the knowledge to deliver on every stage and event production.

Attention to detail

Understanding that every event hire is completely different, We ensure a great level of detail is maintained throughout the projects lifespan,
From the moment we start working with you right until the project is finished. If requested, We can even provide you with an efficiency report. This can be of use in two ways. It will allow you or your company to understand the issues encountered and it can also yield a timeline of our interaction with you. We’re completely transparent, Transparency equates to efficiency.

Hundreds of happy clients

Nearly all of our customers come back to us year on year. Theres to reasons for this, Our commitment to providing a quality service and our top quality equipment.

Premium quality

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24h client support

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Team of professionals

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