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If you are now setting out with the daunting task of Choosing a venue for your next event. Do not worry, It is without a doubt one of the most delicate decisions that event professionals or indeed, event novices face.

The first thing events aren’t all about being social. Indoor events and large outdoor events  require a good facility with a good backdrop. Why is that important?

Looking at our portfolio over the years and at what we have produced. One thing seems to be true, a great event is integral to any SME or organization’s growth and its product(s) positioning. Great events, offer the  attendees an opportunity to engage and share ideas with each other, providing them with insight and better awareness of the organization’s culture and traditions. The y are one of the best marketing tools available to any business. Stage and Lighting have worked with our customers to create great events that exceed the clients results. From branded events to multi-media displays. It has been our creative thinking and expertise have successfully accomplished multiple programs by using one common component. we style events that are as distinctive as our customers.

Fáilte Ireland's largest in-Ireland event is called Meitheal, and is hosted on an annual basis. hsdfkjhsdfkhj;sdfkjhdsf

Fáilte Ireland’s largest in-Ireland event is called Meitheal, and is hosted on an annual basis. ( Stage and Lighting did not produce)


If you were looking to find an event venue in Dublin, you will be spoiled for choice as there is no shortage of some really unique venues offering that little something extra for your event. Whether you go for a brewery, maybe its a distillery, perhaps your event would b better suited to a castle or a Gaelic football stadium, Dublin has a lot and we have worked in all of them. If you’re stuck for choice you can checkout Dublin Convention Bureau, who have a really handy feature for finding your event venue in Dublin

PJ OHares

PJ OHares is a popular bar in the centre of Carlingford, event attendees normally stroll the village before and after the event.


Louth, famously known as the land of legends has some fantastic venues for your event. Dundalk town boasts DKIT, Ramada Hotel, Crowne Plaza to name but a few. Drogheda equally has some fantastic medieval venues that you can pick from. Our personal favourite is Carlingford, Most people would know it for Carlingford Hen Parties or most would think of it as just hens and stags party location. But it actually has some amazing venues and is popular with corporate retreats and conferences. If you are looking for a place to organise your next event, Then you can check out these packages with Visit Carlingford, they also organise your accommodation and dining. A complete Destination management company.

Buena Vista Social Club, Ulster Hall

Buena Vista Social Club, Ulster Hall, Belfast Festival at Queen’s 2012


Belfast is definitely popular with the overseas visitor and really popular for event venues, It has gained a reputation internationally as a fantastic place to hold an event, hosting boxing events, MTV awards to name just a few. It boasts an award winning conference centre, beautifully finished museum centers, world renowned hotels,  a castle and right through to the newly refurbished Harland & Wolfe were the Famous Titanic was built. They also have a very handy convention bureau who would be only to happy to help you pick your venue in Belfast.

If you’re looking for more venues across Ireland? Check out Irelands venue and meeting list Meet in Ireland.

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