Modular LED Wall

Ideal for concerts, festivals and fashion shows, our modular LED wall can be arranged as a single big screen or in a wide variety of visual configurations to add an explosive edge to your stage design.


Projection Screens

Standard Venue Model: 8ft x 6ft  – hanging projector screens – front and rear projection options available.

Large Venue Model: 12ft x 9ft  – Hanging and free-standing projector screens – front and Rear Projection options available.

Circular Screen: 2 meter diameter circular projection screen – hanging, back projection

screen & television displays

Big Screen TVs

Ideal for seminars, conferences and cookery demonstrations.

  • 47’’ plasma HD TVs
  • 52’’ HD LED TVs
  • Available with a mobile stand or mounted on a 2 meter truss stand.



We can supply projectors for your event. Contact us for more details.

tv display

Video Cabling

We can cable your venue for a live video feed for cameras and for our LED or Projection screens


Video Content Design Service

We can create bespoke video animations for all of our LED panel configurations including pixel mapping for our various panel configurations. We can also create visual content for use with the TVs and projection screens including circular screens. We can create eye-catching graphics for concerts, award shows, conventions, seminars, and product launches.

Contact us for more information and pricing on Visual Equipment Hire.